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It has been said that among all the inventions that have been made, the most important of all is the printer. Printers have a big role in the lives of people because without it information and news cannot be spread to a large area. And as time progressed many companies have manufactured many printers. And among these companies, Dell is one of the leading companies producing top-notch printers. Dell printers are highly affordable, efficient and also accurate when it comes to color printing. But sometimes, the user can face certain problems while dealing with the printer. Cases of Overheating, not recognizing color, error in the printing, paper jam, slow processing, factory reset are some of the technical/hardware glitches that arise at the time of using. But apart from these errors, one problem that customers face is the inability to reset a Dell printer to its default settings. So if you are one among those who face this difficulty you can contact dell printer help support, which provides all the solutions to the problems which can occur to dell printer and stays online around the clock. Or, you can go through this blog as it too contains the necessary information and steps that you can take to reset your Dell printer.
Before performing the reset activity, please make sure that all the important data has been backed up in a safe folder or location else all the data will get erased in the process. Also, ensure that the network connection is also good so that the resetting process can be run smoothly.
The process to reset the settings is very easy and less time taking, the steps are as follows:
• Connect the USB cable from the printer to the computer.
• Click the start button.
• Type files and folders in the search
• Click on all files and folders button and search for UAN folder.
• Click on the UAN folder and go to the system utility folder which is present within the UAN folder.
• Finally, click on Reset Dell printer icon.
The process to reset the Dell printer is quite easy but if you are not able to perform it then contact the Dell support via email or toll-free contact number which is available 24×7 to provide immediate and permanent solutions to all technical problems.
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